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The Center for Global Health and Diplomacy (GHD) provides a rare intersection where high level political figures, health care workers and leaders in both the public and private sector can share and communicate their ideas. Global Health and Diplomacy wants to ensure that each of their global health stakeholders’ vision becomes a reality. Global health issues are much too broad for any one doctor, health care worker or world leader to address alone. It is only through partnership that success can be achieved.

Global Health and Diplomacy is an international hub for health and diplomacy, GHD can tap into a diversity of global health stakeholders through their work with different governments and civil society leaders.

Global Health and Diplomacy reaches presidential offices in 55 countries through its online/ print publication and its international roundtable forums.

The Center for Global Health and Diplomacy was born out of the need to continue the progress made in global health over the past two decades. With resources increasingly scarce, global health leaders realized that leveraging the investments already made would require establishing new partnerships and reaching out beyond the global health community. In order to facilitate new partnerships, stakeholders needed a platform where they could communicate ideas and share best practices. In 2012, a group of innovative leaders including heads of state, public health professionals and diplomats came together to create such a platform: the Center for Global Health and Diplomacy (CGHD).

Mission: To bring together leaders from the global health, diplomatic and development communities in order to discuss global health challenges and develop innovative solutions to help protect vulnerable populations from disease.